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Micheal (2)

Book description: 

Edward Caulfield was not a simple man. Losing his wife early in their marriage he continued to live his life as a shrine to her. In his twilight years he encountered a troubled young woman. There were lessons to be learned from each other. With the spirit of his deceased wife by his side Edward Caulfield left behind a legacy in his words to ease a troubled heart.

About the author:

Micheal, born in 1953, is an American author. His writing genres include Fiction, Horror, Thriller and Paranormal. Micheal has been writing for several years. In the past he concentrated on Romantic Poetry. In recent years he has focused on writing Fiction and Paranormal stories.
His book titled “Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores” has been published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. Micheal also published the eBook “The Black Witch” which is the first of a series on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Micheal has over thirty years of investigating and collecting stories of the paranormal. He is the lead investigator for the Smokey Mountain Ghost Trackers of Western North Carolina.
He served his country as a United States Marine during Vietnam. He is a native North Carolinian. He lived in the Chicago area in the past and furthered his education there. He served the community as an Emergency Medical Technician while living there. Micheal currently resides in the mountains of North Carolina along with his wife and his Boxer he fondly calls Dee Dee



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The Black Witch 

Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores 

Moonlight on the Nantahala

review of the book, “The Salvation of Tanlegalle”

The Salvation of Tanlegalle is a collection of short stories which are tied together in a larger story. I enjoyed each of the stories, found them very creative and well-written, and loved how they were tied together in the end. The cover art is excellent and the book has illustrations at the beginning of each story that only enhance the reading experience of each one. The book is very thoughtful.Each story has a tangible emotion and concept that the reader can easily identify with through the characters. I think the book would appeal to broad spectrum of readers of science fiction and fantasy, and I am very happy that I read it. I think the short story “Choices” appealed most to me because of my classical fantasy tastes, but all the stories were enjoyable. I look forward to further writings by the author Tim Ahrens.