Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

I read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus. Fascinating writing, beautiful style. There were some plot oddities, but fascinating book. I enjoyed the writing concerning Victor Frankenstein’s brilliance and his downfall being his lack of compassion on his creation. There are many poignant concepts in the book. I wonder if anyone in modern times would write such a novel, without blood and guts and darkness filling the novel, rather human turmoil and emotions. The creature unable to find purpose in life without being able to interact with other beings is interesting. He turns towards hatred because of this. The concept of too ugly to love comes out again just as in Gaston Leroux’s “Phantom of the Opera”.


I read “Payment Deferred” by CJ Forester which was fun to read

I read “Payment Deferred” sort of a British “Crime and Punishment” type novel by CJ Forester while on my trip. The story is fantastic, though, the writing style was not to my liking. A psychologic suspense novel which is fun to read if you like the psychology of crime which especially delves into the psychology of trying to hide a crime.

I just got back…


I just got back from C2E2 at the McCormick Center in Chicago. It was a lot of work but I sold 90 books (88 paperback and 2 hardback books). Plus two people bought ebooks for a total of 92 books sold. I have no idea how many I wanted to sell. I brought 300 books and the excess I will use in August at the Wizard Con at the Rosemont Convention Center. Now I just need those 92 people to read my book. Everyone was very friendly who came to my table and I enjoyed meeting other exhibitors. There are many, many talented exhibitors and it was fun to be apart of that creative environment.

Classical Fantasy Literature-Gaston Leroux’s “Phantom of the Opera”

I recently read Gaston Leroux’s “Phantom of the Opera” and really enjoyed it. I like classical literature and this was a great classical fantasy mystery horror book to read. The two main characters Christine and Erik are very complex. Erik, the phantom, is a fascinating villain. There are many themes in the book but the concept of being too ugly to love was one of them. Born looking like a cadaver, rejected by his parents sets the tone for Erik’s life. The desperate need by all people to be loved comes out in the book. Chrisine’s social stature, despite beauty and talent, means by society’s standard she should not reach upward to love the wealthy elite Raoul and likewise Raoul should not reach down to her. Erik despite having amazing talents in music is cut off from romantic love. The mystery of who is the Opera Ghost is fun to read especially early on. The scene where Christine tells Raoul about the unmasking of Erik while Erik is hidden very close by and Erik’s final dialogue with the Persian where he describes being kissed on the forehead by Christine are two pieces of brilliant, beautiful writing. If you like classical fiction, this is great book to read. Honestly, when I finished I felt like I was touched by something beautiful.

  Curtis Oddo…New TV Interview for “The Crimson Battle Axe”

 Curtis Oddo…New TV Interview for “The Crimson Battle Axe”
here is an almost 30 minute interview i did for the tv show “The Back Page” with Jody Seay on the local pbs station for my book “The Crimson Battle Axe”.


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